Communication System


Communication is the process of transformation of information from source to destination or from transmitter to receiver. This was technical approach to defining the communication. Now in today’s world have you ever thought of communication without technology with which you are living with now. We think you haven’t. Let’s go back to history to understand this.


Way before human beings not developed alphabets and languages, they used to communicate with both sound as well as body language. Therefor the suitable way was to related feelings and stories using sounds as well as hand gestures and body gestures.

Example : The smoke signal, Pigeon, Mail, Newspaper, Electrical Telegram, Telephone, Radio, Television, Computer Network, Mobile Phones, Internet, Electric Mail, Social Networking

Sr. No.Type of CommunicationEvolved Around
1Pigeon776 BC
2The Smoke Signal200 – 100 BC
3Paper Mail105 BC
4Roman Postal 14 AD
5Newspaper1450 AD
6Telegraph Line1793
7Electric Telegram1831-1843
8Electric Telephone1876
11Mobile Phones1979

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