Electronic Products

Understanding Components

Reaching on this page means you might have basic knowledge of electronics. As we all know that the academic knowledge in not sufficient for over all growth of the students. So on this website we are trying explain you the basic of electronics on component level apart from the calculations and formulas (this we will cover in examples further posting on this website) .

Theoretically we all have read about the electronics components. In order to use it in practical or while designing any project we consider multiple components. 

First we will go through the basic classification of components in such a way that it will be easier for you to know category and roughly about their uses. As shown below is an example of any electronic project for understanding our concepts. 

Image 1 : Items in Electronic Product

To understand the use of electronics we would consider any electronics product first (you may say it as reverse engineering, well it is another very complex thing technically). For making a product it requires multiple items such as the very first electronics component, electrical & electromechanical and mechanical items. Further if we zoom into each of these categories or items we will get further clarification of use of electronics in detail.

Now on expanding Electronics components itself it will remind you of resistors, capacitor, diodes, transistors, etc. But for better understanding we will move forward by simply classifying further into categories as we study theoretically.

And on zooming into the electrical & electromechanical items we will reach to relay, fuses, MOVs, switches, piezoelectric devices, etc. 

So this is the overview of the journey to learn and understand the electronics practically.

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