As known till now the electrons have a fundamental role in controlling electrical energy . Electronics deals with electrical circuits that involve active electrical components like diodes, vacuum tubes, associated passive electrical components, integrated circuits, transistors, and interconnection technologies. In common, electronic devices consists circuitry including primarily or exclusively
active semiconductors doped with passive elements; such type of circuit is described as an electronic circuit.

The electronic devices and their usages have influenced our lifestyle in such how that it’s impossible to spend even a couple of hours without them. From morning to night, we use an outsized number of electronic gadgets to solve our problems and to simplify our work. From small alarm watches to the complex computers, from mobile to the camcorders, from kitchen to bathroom , from bedroom to office, every where electronic items are often seen.

History of Electronics

 Electronics is – 

    – study of flow 

    – control of electrons (electricity) 

    – the study of their behavior 

    – effects in vacuums, gases, and semiconductors, 

    and with devices using such electrons.

Works related to Electricity and Electronics took the root word Elektron in Greek, and applied latin-style adjustments to the end of the word. The “onics” is a suffix which denotes a mechanics, body of facts, knowledge, or principles.


The history of electronics started with the invention of diode vacuum tube in 1897 by J.A. Fleming, the first ever component invented. Later on Lee De Forest developed the triode which was capable of voltage amplification.

Figure 1.1 Vacuum tube diode

As the time passes in 1947, Bell laboratories come with the development of first transistor and the research was headed by Shockley, Bardeen and Brattain. This was the beginning of transistor and given Nobel Prize for the inventions.

Figure 1.2 Replica of first transistor

Further years were witnessed the inventions of different component and later on invention of integrated circuits (ICs). Jack Kilby from Texas Instruments developed the first Integrated Circuit in 1959. And this gave boom to the electronics circuits because of single chip.

Figure 1.3 Integrated Circuit(ICs)

Let’s have look on some popular studies and inventions in the history of electronics:

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